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What is FASER?

The Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade (FDC) and GIZ, through the Energising Development (EnDev) and Grüne Bürgerenergie (GBE) Programmes in Mozambique, jointly set up the Fundo de Acesso Sustentável às Energias Renováveis - FASER fund in response to the need to propose alternatives for poverty reduction and to encourage economic growth in rural, urban and peri-urban areas of Mozambique, through the development of modern, renewable energy technologies (e.g., ICS, PV solar systems, PV irrigation pumps etc.). FASER is a results-based financing fund (RBF).

What does FASER want to achieve?

The objective of FASER is to stimulate the value and distribution chain of modern, renewable energy (RE) technology markets in Mozambique and promote a broader adoption of such technologies across the country, thereby contributing to the efforts of the Mozambican government to achieve the ambitious target of providing universal energy access by 2030. The Fund emphatically promotes the dissemination of high-quality energy technologies into off-grid peri-urban and rural areas, as well as an increased uptake of these technologies by women. It furthermore aims at assisting particularly vulnerable populations to have access to reliable and modern energy.

Objectives of FASER

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Providing financial incentives that strengthen the financial capacity of private sector companies and civil society organisations involved in the value and distribution of energy technologies to expand their operations to more challenging demographics, including humanitarian crisis settings.

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Providing special incentives to motivate the private sector to expand into remoter markets, which are usually more difficult to penetrate and to target female customers.

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Promoting the adoption of technical norms and standards of quality, safety and efficiency of renewable energy technologies by exclusively supporting certified and proven products


Results-Based Financing

Results-Based Financing (RBF) is an approach that rewards companies for delivering previously-agreed results. RBF is therefore a private sector support mechanism which is different from traditional grants. Unlike traditional grant schemes, RBF schemes disburse grant incentives only against achieved results that have been verified


FASER provides financial incentives to the private sector based on the delivery of concrete and pre-defined results, which will be carefully verified by a team of monitoring experts.

Basic Incentives

is a pre-fixed lump sum paid per unit (solar PV System or ICS) delivered to the end-user.

Key Result Incentives

% RemotePlus:
for systems sold in a remote area (pre-defined list)
% GenderPlus:
for systems sold to woman-led households or businesses.
% TierPlus:
based on performance values determined in a laboratory.


Productive Use of energy: Appliance:
of the price


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FASER - Fundo de Acesso Sustentável as Energias Renováveis em Moçambique
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