The FASER fund is designed as an basket fund, open to additional funding from different donors, subject to expressions of interest, complementarity and/or clear synergies. For this purpose, FASER with the support of EnDev/GIZ has established a database at documents and tracks every single technological unit disseminated under its umbrella To contribute to a better transparency in reporting of results across all energy donor programmes in Mozambique, FASER now offers other donors working on energy access the opportunity to confirm the consistency and exclusivity of the results reported to them by cross-checking with the FASER/EnDev database (continuously updated since 2013). This is intended to improve the accurate measurement of development results and, notably, progress towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which aims for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030.

EnDev’s state of the art monitoring approach includes a comprehensive verification and validation system. Solid verification and validation of EnDev’s monitoring and reporting procedures safeguards reliability and traceability of reported outcomes and increases transparency and accountability.

This process is carried out through the platform developed by GIZ, strictly following high-quality data protection requirements in compliance with its privacy policy.

How does the cross-checking process work?

Any donor, implementing organization or company can upload their results data In a standardized data format which then will be cross-checked with the FASER/EnDev database, as well as with data uploaded from other donors. Serial numbers of the technologies are used to cross-check data entered by the Government of Mozambique, any private company, energy programme or donor organisation with the existing data. At all steps of this process, anonymity of the beneficiaries and full compliance with data protection laws, rules and regulations is guaranteed.

If you want to have access to the cross-check option, please contact FASER via email:

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